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How to Accessorize depending on the shape of your face.

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Have you ever wondered, why some jewelry looks good on others but when you try it, it doesn't suit you as much as would like to? This is because of your unique face shape. It is really important to know the shape of your face in order to determine which jewelry will be best suited for you whenever you choose your jewelry while shopping. If you do not know what is your face shape, then refer to the below image.

A piece of jewelry looks great on you if it complements and balances the shape of your face. So let us know how to accentuate your features and choose accessories that flatter your face shape and help you look scintillating in every outfit.

1. Oval Shaped Face

Women with Oval face shapes are the Lucky ones as all kind of jewelry looks good on them as long as the designs are proportionate to the face. While the cheekbones are the prominent ones for the oval-shaped faces, to emphasize the face contours you can go for hoops, hoops in circles, chandeliers long drop earrings will highlight the face contours. to emphasize the narrowness of your face,

2. Square Shaped Face

MultiLayered Earrings or Oversized hoops that brush against the jaw are perfect to soften the strong jawline. Choose jewelry that adds length and narrows the width of the face. Avoid earrings that are too wide as they end up highlighting the sharp corners of your face.

Long earrings which are wider at the top and narrower at the bottom will try to cut your jawline and elongate your neck.

3. Round Shaped Face

If you have a round face you should go for something that can add some angular definition to your face. Long dangle earrings or chandeliers are perfect which start narrow at the top and wider at the bottom. Along with being elegant they also give the illusion of a longer and slimmer face. The same principle applies to necklaces. Long and V-shaped necklaces will give you a balanced look. Avoid choker, and wide accessories as they can end up exaggerating the roundness of your face.

4. Diamond Shaped Face

Hoop earrings and longer earrings with curved shapes look great on a diamond-shaped face as they help to soften the jawline. Choose hoops and mid-length teardrops to divert focus from the pointy chin. As far as Necklaces, you should go for princess-length necklaces or simple and elegant Pendants that will give a visual harmony.

5. Rectangular Shaped Face

To balance the rectangular-shaped face, choose jewelry that can shorten its long vertical line or make the width wider. Any styles that create an illusion of width will be flattering for a rectangular face The oblong/rectangular face is ideal for wearing large, bold styles--especially large post ("button") styles like stud earrings. Choker, collar, and princess lengths are ideal (especially if you have a long neck).

6. Heart-Shaped Face

The ideal earrings for a heart-shaped face are the ones that put the widest part of it beside the jawline such as teardrop-shaped or anything that is rounded at the bottom that adds width to your jawline. Choose necklaces that are shorter in length and have curves that soften the sharp chin. Try to avoid wearing slim drop earrings as this focuses attention on the chin.

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